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Starting Affirmations

10 minute mantra meditation

Affirmations are a nice way to introduce positive self-talk into our minds. The mind and body are connected, so if we want to heal our body it is important to ensure we are putting positive thoughts in our mind.


You might like to start by saying your affirmation three times infront of the mirror, two or three times a day.


These are a three affirmations I started with:

  • I am at peace with what is

This helps calm my mind and accept what is happening in my life.


  • I see the world with love and joy

This reminds me that I do want to see and that I am surrounded with love and joy and happiness. The world is a good place.


  • I am safe, I am loved

This is also calming, reminding me that I am safe, no harm will come to me and that I am loved by my family and friends and to love myself.


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