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I can still see!!

Girl laying on the floor with her legs up - feeling good

Hi everyone

Great news! It's now two weeks post cornea surgery and my vision improvement has remained stable! I guess that it's about a 50 per cent improvement, when considering I was legally blind in that eye pre-surgery, 50 per cent is a pretty massive jump.

I love that there is actually a world out there without my glasses! I can see almost everything that's within a metre away and then it starts to get fuzzy. I am able to make out some things that are two-five metres away, where before I couldn't see them at all! I'm loving the little things like seeing what's in my bedroom when I open my curtains in the morning, seeing almost all of my face in the mirror and how I can make out actors faces on the TV in my bedroom so when I'm tried I can take my glasses off and fall asleep in front of the tele like old times.

I'm still undecided if I'm pleased that I can now see the mold that's on the painted wall above the tiles in my shower .... I always did the 'well I can't see it so it can't be that bad...' approach, but pretty pleased that I can't say that anymore. :D will have to get someone over to look at that.

The doctor said that restrictions would only need to last a week this time - woah amazing! but my eye is still pretty tender so I will wait for that to settle down before I go for a swim or jog. I'm taking it easy so as not to stuff any of this vision up. I'm going to try driving this afternoon, will be interesting to see if it makes me dizzy or how my depth perception goes... I'm sure I've got this ;)

Thankfully it was a text book procedure and I didn't need any more sutures! So this should mean less pain, a shorter recovery and important things like I can still swim and should be able to drive at night! Will test that over the weekend...