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Expanding my awareness - venturing out without glasses

Life is only a blur if you don't focus text written on a half blurry half clear image

My blog and the prospect of soon having my Wellness with Nat business is something that keeps me inspired and gives me that little flutter of excitement in my belly each day. I love sharing my journey with you and I love receiving emails and facebook comments from people in similar situations.

As part of growing my presence and planning Wellness with Nat, I have been following these wonderful ladies Rach and Therese from Kickass and Sparkly Ladypreneurs Unite and listening to their Effortless Success Formula free training series. Today's video is about Expansion, Expanding our minds and opening up to the universe to allow new things to come in, above and beyond what we may envisage for ourselves. The action from the video was to do something that you haven't done before ... something I could expand my awareness into ...

View of my walk, path and trees, original clear photo