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All blur without my glasses

In an effort to notice any vision improvements from cornea transplant, I'm spending more time each morning and night without my glasses on, just minutes, but jeez they pack an intense punch. Where's the world gone again? Showers suck the most, where's my soap? where's my shampoo? When i get out of the shower I wrap my towel around me and look in the mirror ... where am I? where's the pretty girl that I used to see in the mirror all the time? I look in the mirror and can see some black hair and my olive skin, but no eyes, no rosey cheeks, no blemishes, no eye brow hairs out of place.

I've been telling my Canberra doctor (who I'm no longer seeing as we just didn't feel right together) that I'm losing more vision in my 'good' eye. He kept brushing it off saying that it didn't matter as I still had vision with glasses on, but it's real, and I've been experiencing it all year.

We thought I'd be blind by Christmas and I was so excited to beat that. To be honest I still celebrate today and count my blessings and thank my lucky stars that I beat the odds and I held my vision. It's been a lot of work on my end to do that though, lots of mind work with positive thinking and kicking those negative thoughts and fears out of my mind, lots of rest and not over-using my eyes, more rest, minimal focusing, learning to love my life and see all the beautiful things and people that are in it, more rest, meditation, eating healthy, drinking less, more rest, making plans that make me happy and learning to love myself and being willing to open my heart and love others again.

Plus the eye exercises, last year from September to December I did eye exercises and meditations diligently 2-4 times a day for at least 15 minutes at a time. I promised myself in September that I'd give the exercises a go up until Christmas to see if they would make a difference, and they did, and then I started getting my stitches out in February and I got complacent and stopped with the eye exercises. I'd made it this far, my eyes are alright now right?'.

But here I am today, four months into my sutures removal and I'm experiencing less vision than before.