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On a highway looking at the sunrise with 2016 and an arrow written on the road

Happy New Year to all of my readers, I hope you have had a nice break and have made some wishes for 2016.

I can't believe it's been 11 weeks since my last post. It's been a rough 11 weeks, I put a lot of energy into the official launch of Insight 2 Sight and was excited to finally release myself to the world, but then these new severe headaches kicked in and totally flawed me. My days turned into spending 5 hours at work and then needing 2-3 hours afterwards sitting in the dark resting my eyes and praying for the pain to stop long enough for me to prepare some dinner and either tidy up or prepare my food for work the next day.

I postponed my life coaching study, reduced my social interaction to only once or twice on the weekend and tried to do nothing during the week unless it was a special occasion. I reduced my exercise to 20 minutes a day and quit the gym. I stopped using my computer at home and only used it for work as I get so much pain from focussing on things that are up close.

I've been journalling away at home but found it hard to find the energy to write a post on the laptop. I've learnt so much about myself over this time, let me summarise the highlights for you:

I hated going to work each day - and after contemplation and discussion with my psychologist and specialist I realised that it wasn't work I hated, it was the fact that after work I have to lie in the dark for 2-3 hours. Once I transformed my way of thinking and realised it wasn't the job but the after affects, it made going to work each day easier and I then started showing myself some compassion for my body's need to rest each day.

Love hea