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First day back at work ...

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Woo hoo! Back to work and back to a routine! I had a pretty good night's sleep for a change so woke up nice and early and started the morning with a lemon hot water and my 10 minute meditation and my 10 minutes of stretching and visualising the day.

Then I got to dress up all pretty and put my high heels on - oh how I love my heels! And I got to curl my hair and put lipstick on - all the little things that make me feel good.

It was lovely walking back into work and seeing my lovely colleagues, hugs all around.. It's been six weeks since I've been at work, and my desk was still a mess and there was stuff growing in my dirty coffee cup ...

Seeing as I'd been working with HR and my boss for my return to work my accessibility requirements were set up pretty quickly. Luckily (#thanksUniverse) an office had become vacant and I could move in there and have my own space to turn off all of the fluro lights and keep nice and dark. Bonus is it comes with a window and a nice view :)

I had a few rules to follow when using the computer: wear my patch to help with the eye strain and glare and only work for 30 minutes at a time and then have a break. The lights in the office were extremely bright, so I kept my head down when i was talking with colleagues or walking through the building.

I made it through about six hours before my eye pain became constant and uncomfortable. I held up another hour or so while I got things ready to work from home and by that