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Combating emotional eating

Combating emotional eating for my cornea transplant

Hi my name is Natalie and I'm an emotional eater ...

But how does one be an emotional eater when they are reforming their eating habits to nurture a corneal graft to create sight? No processed sugar ... no unhealthy fats ... no butter, no cupcakes from the cute cupcake shop, no donuts, no sugary chai lattes, no yummy hot chippies or fried chicken ....

That's something I had to learn quick smart!

It's amazing that when you have your heart and soul set on something that all of a sudden you have the will power and ability to take control of your eating. I'm not just dealing with the chance of sight here, a real person gave me the gift of their cornea and their family supported their gift, I can't sabotage this.

I've been on enough diets throughout my life to know what is good for me and what's not, to know how much protein and carbs I can eat in a day. I've even started a healthy foods cookbook for people with nut allergies, so I have the resources right at my finger tips ... I just had to put them into action.

I figured the most important thing to do was not to deprive myself of food as that would trigger a binge session, which would quickly be followed by a depression session, so I decided to do a food replacement. When I felt like sugar or a biscuit I'd make a herbal tea and savoured every mouthful. When I felt like a quick fix I'd have a few sips of water to see if that curbed the craving and if the craving was still there five minutes later then I'd have a