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What is Pellucid Marginal Degeneration Disease

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The condition which caused my vision to deteriorate so rapidly is called Pellucid Marginal Degeneration Disease (PMD).


PMD is a rare bilateral corneal disorder characterised by thinning in the peripheral portion of the inferior cornea with marked steepening just superior to the thinned zone. (the official definition on most sites).


PMD is extremely rare and there isn't much information available on the internet about it, especially from Australia. Most webistes reference PMD but describe Keratoconus and it's treatments as it is a more common cornea disease with similar attributes to PMD. 


What PMD means to me is a thinning of my cornea to a point where I can't see. Any changes to the cornea affect the light that is able to come in and therefore it distorts all vision. My eye tends to dry out and sometimes the thin part seems to 'stick' to my eye lid, so having lubricating drops is a good idea. 


I started noticing the lights in the office going starry and giving me headaches and people's faces would be blurry if there was too much light. I also noticed the street lights would star and headlights were very bright when driving at night. 


I didn't notice my vision dropping initially as I still had vision in one eye. When the disease attacked my good eye I noticed both the light sensitivity issues as well as not being able to see clearly. 


This image is an example of a corneal scan which shows PMD. A normal cornea would have all green and maybe yellow but as you can see the PMD shows orange and red, demonstrating the thinness of the cornea.











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Medical Information Information Sheet #3 2015

Eye scan of pellucide marginal degeneration disease